Monday, January 11, 2010

Natural Is always best.

The Human Body responds well to organic stimulii, it is true to say everything that is put here on planet earth is made to help or heal the human body in some way. Even poisons contain micro-chemicals that in strange ways, scientists are finding they can actually be beneficial. Take for example the cyanide found in apples seeds. One would think that might be extremely deadly to consume. Well guess what it is. It's deadly for cancer cells, yet the chemical compound in the naturally forming cyanide leaves the human body well alone. So how is it that the killer cyanide compounds know to ONLY attack healthy cells?

Well thats a curious question that scientists are trying to work out. Just one more mystery that the body has for us human beings to ponder. One thing is for certain. Cancer is not a killer. Its just a symptom of a bigger diease. The actual causes may well be a lack of nutrition or certain minerals and vitamins.. or even a cause from lifestyle. either way the best way to cure cancer IS TO AVOID IT. Eat healthy get lots of sunshine and excercise and of course stay away from the recognized poisons such as artifcial sweetners, flavours and additives. Above all a healthy person must always eat healthy to stay healthy. That of course means fruits and vegetables, lots of fish and green leafy plant matter. (of course the edible type preferably) If perchance cancer DOES come knocking on your door, just remember, Cancer Does not have to be a death sentence!!

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