Monday, January 11, 2010

Chemo Vs Cancer risks

What is more deadly? Contracting cancer or treating it with chemotherapy>?

OF COURSE the first instinct is to say that cancer would definitely be more deadly than Chemotherapy.... right? ..... ummm am I right?

Well... you would think so, but in reality NO. People who contract cancer are far better off and more likely to LIVE LONGER DOING NOTHING than treating the cancer with chemotherapy.

Chemo is basically a drug that kills cells in the human body, it kills all cells good and bad, it knocks the human bio-system around and basically wipes out the immune system. This in turn gives ANY bug or virus a FREE ENTRY into the human body and can create all sorts of complications.

Looking right into the cause of the illness of cancers, there are many real researched treatments that completely rid the body of cancers AMAZING researchers such as Gerson, Hoxsey, Rife, Essiac, and Ty Bollinger have found the correlation that is often overlooked by modern medicine. THAT is the dietary connection. This is at the root (or the cause) of most all diseases and illnesses. Live Better by eating better. AVOID toxins, including chemotherapy, prescription medications or radiation courses on your body and other invasive treatements. Avoid also environmental and dietary toxins like Sodium Saccharine, 621 Monosodiun Glutamate, Fluoride (found in water and toothepaste) and any other fast foods that these days contain ammonium and Sodium. Chemotherapy itself is just one more toxic intake into the body, that at a time when the body is sick, you can do without. It is for all intents a treatment with toxic chemical poisons which kill all bodily cells, not JUST the cancer cells.

Why even attempt to live with cancer? Why even treat the symptoms and not the actual disease itself? Well, that's because there is serious money in disease and illness, long term course treatments that keep the patient subscribed to a particular treatment, chemical or substance making them reliant on it for survival. If they treat the disease itself and the source or cause of illness, they will loose you as a repeat customer and the Medical Mafia simply don't want that at all. Best thing that a person newly diagnosed with cancer can do is LEARN ALL THE OPTIONS, find out what alternate treatments there are, find out what works and what is best for you, or your loved one and then you can start making better informed decisions.

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